GILDEMEISTER Cell Cube FB 200-800

CellCube FB 200-800: New installation enables energy independence for low energy buildings in Písek, Czech Republic

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Another success for GILDEMEISTER energy storage GmbH: A CellCube FB 200-800 energy storage system was installed and taken into operation in Písek, Czech Republic in March 2016. The system had previously been tested in a Factory Accenptance Test (FAT) by project developers at the CellCube factory in Wiener Neudorf, Austria. The CellCube FB 200-800 storage system passed all inspections without objection. The system plays a key role in the Center of Low Energy Buildings (CLB) in Písek. It stores excessive energy from photovoltaic, wind and gas power plants, and provides the energy during times in which there is not enough energy in production. Key feature is the first-rate ability to store high amounts of energy by use of its high-performance Vanadium Redox-Flow technology. The CellCube maximizes energy efficiency of the building CLB, and creates nearly energy independents of this unit.
Specialized control system operates the battery and provides nearly zero consumption from the grid.